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Pinsa Romana

Pinsa Romana is a type of Pizza with a unique base that is typical of Rome and has been in existence as far back as the Roman Empire.

Pinsa are oval in shape and are made using a technique and blend of flours different from normal Pizza dough with an extended levitation time of around 72 hoursa and rice flour. The end result is a thinner, healthier and more easily digestible base which is crunchy on the outside and amazingly soft and light on the inside.


Pinsa Romana
Ingredients: Type "0", soft WHEAT flour, SOYBEAN flour, durum WHEAT semolina, water, rice flour, sourdough starter (Type "00", WHEAT flour, water, starter cultures), salt, sunfower oil, sourdough (WHEAT flour, water, natural istant yeast)
Instruction for use: Topping to taste and bake in a pre-heated oven at 260-320c for about 4-6 minutes.
Storage: Store frozen at -18/-22C. Once defrosted, do not refreeze and store in fridge (+4c) and consume within 3 days

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Pinsa Romana Original 30x25cm
Code: PZOR230

6 x bag - 6 bags x box

Pinsa Romana Tonda 12"
Code: PZT12

5 x bag - 6 bags x box

PinsaTonda (1).jpg
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